Photographs provided by Mike Thurman


team photo

Back row: Mike Thurman, Alan East, ?, Ray Donker, Aubrey Johnson, Bernie Smith, Grahame Burton
Front row: John Hall, Mike Baines, Paul Muckle, Ginger ?, Ken Crelli n

deck logs

On Log: Tony Tustain, Dave Haworth, Grahame Burton
Standing: Mike Thurman, John Hall, Jack Dowall

going ashore

Jack Dowell, Pete Scott, Mike Baines (in front), ? (at back), Paul Muckle

christmas becks

Ken Crellin, Alan East, Grahame Burton, Aubrey Johnson, Dick Bibby, Mike Thurman

christmas streamers

Tony Tustain, Alan East (at back), Paul Muckle, Ken Crellin (in hat), Mike Baines

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