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mv Fourah Bay at sea, 1968

Fourah Bay at Sea, c1968

Plymouth MN Monument Fund

There is a project underway to erect a monument
to the Merchant Navy
on Plymouth Hoe
Plymouth MN Monument Project

Part of this project features a video which may be seen here:

The Fourah Bay was one of the cadet ships in the ELDER DEMPSTER fleet

There is a list of many of those who sailed on the FB.
Do you wonder what happened to those you sailed with?
Are you on the list?
Do you want a copy (latest edition is September 2012)?

contact George Lang by email

Did you know that there are regular reunions organised for FB cadets?

The most recent reunion took place on Saturday 14th October 2017

The next reunion will take place on Saturday 13th October 2018, again at The Liner Hotel, Liverpool
Note the Hotel is busy that night. Bookings may still be available by asking for the Fourah Bay block booking

(Note The "Terracotta Warrior" exhibition is on in Liverpool until 28th October,
It is still possible to book tickets around the date of the reunion)
link to Terracotta Warrior exhibition web page

FB Reunion 2007 photos

FB Reunion 2009 photos

FB Reunion 2011 photos

FB Reunion 2013 photos

FB Reunion 2015 photos

FB Reunion 2017 photos

Go to a scan of the Elder Dempster and Fourah Bay ties
FB and ED's Ties


Polo shirts and caps with EDs badge are available

EDs polos

EDs Polos page

Are you looking for information about the "Fourah Bay"?
Also details of some books about Elder Dempster
FB Information page

Any questions (or even answers!) about "Fourah Bay" and ED's?

FB Questions and Feedback page

Some photographs of "Fourah Bay" and her cadets. New photographs from Mike Martin.
FB Photos page

Some information about "Obuasi" which was the cadet ship for ED's before the Fourah Bay.
Obuasi page

Some information about "Aureol"
FB Aureol page

Some other Elder Dempster and related links:

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This site is dedicated to British MN Cadet Ships

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