Photographs provided by Alan Provan


photo 1

Standing: Steve Cowin, Mike Armstrong,? Gough, Pop Hawk, Simon Quail Sam Irvine
Sitting: Chris Ainsley (?), Taffy Hunt

photo 2

L to R: Rob Porter,?, Taffy Hunt, Pop Hawk, Gough, Chris Ainsley, ?, Simon Quail, RAM (Monty) Jones,Stevie Cowan, ?

photo 3


photo 4

Fraser Harley on stbd side, forward stage, forward end

photo 5

?, Mike Armstrong, ?, Sam Irvine,....

photo 6

Alan Provan & Dave Budd

photo 7

FB with AJ (Taffy) Hunt prominent

photo 8

Fourah Bay at Anchor

photo 9

Fourah Bay's Bell

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