Robert G Lloyd has the following print on offer

Fourah Bay in Swell

"Elder Dempster's Fourah Bay in Swell"

print size is approximately 21 x 17 inches ( 53 x 43 cms) This is a limited edition print. Only 75 have been produced. All are signed and numbered with a certificate of provenance.

Framed in gilt, mahogany or teak, double mounted and glazed, with hangings and fixtures, the price is £97.50 which includes VAT and delivery within mainland UK (by courier).

Unframed the price is £69.50 including VAT and UK delivery.
(Delivery elsewhere is possible at a competitive price.)

This print is available through Snowbow Productions

Please mention the Fourah Bay website when ordering.


Fourah Bay limited edition print

"Elder Dempster's Fourah Bay loading in West Africa, c 1970"
(note: this print has now sold out)

print size is approximately 21 x 17 inches ( 53 x 43 cms).
This was a limited edition print. Only 75 were produced. All are signed and numbered.

Also Robert Lloyd's own web site

A limited edition print of "Ships of the Elder Dempster fleet, 1954-1964" is still available.

This print is approximately A2 size and shows 12 ED vessels:
Obuasi, Prah, Kaladan, Zini,
Fulani, Aureol, Egori, Shonga,
Calabar, Perang, Eboe, Dunkwa.

ElderDempster Poster

Contact George Lang for further details.

Though not strictly "Fourah Bay" there is video footage of ED ships and "Ikeja Palm" in the creeks available:

Snowbow Productions have a tremendous collection of cine and film footage that they have collected and put to video. Number nine will be of most interest, but there is a lot of other interesting footage to get nostalgic about.

They also do 1/700 models that include "Cyclops" and "Automedon". Not cheap, but excellent pieces.

Also of interest might be some of their fine art prints. These include "Antenor" in heavy weather, "Cyclops" off Birkenhead and "Perseus" at Kobe (1963)

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